Director of KinderPhilosophy Kate Kennedy White has been awarded the NSW Premiers Early Childhood Scholarship.  In June 2015 she will travel to the UK, Sweden, Norway, Vancouver and Seattle to look at preservice training programs in Philosophy and to research the introduction of pre Philosophy to Early Childhood centres. The blog for this journey is at

Much has been and is being written about doing philosophy with children with a growing body of research indicating the value of introducing children at an early age to the rigours of critical, collaborative and creative inquiry.

What I know is what I see as a practicing philosophy teacher.  Children love it.  It liberates them to have a voice, to be curious, to speculate, to wonder and to ask those ‘awkward’ questions. My role is to keep that wonder alive.  Kate Kennedy White

Kinderphilosophy is endorsed to provide QTC Registered Professional Development  accredited at Proficient Teacher.BOSTES_QTC_logo_PNG-1

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