3 September – THINKING MATHEMATICALLY – Wyvern House, Newington College, Stanmore

10 September – INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHICAL INQUIRY  Day One – Bondi Junction

17 September – PHILOSOPHY WITH FIVE YEAR OLDS – Wyvern House, Newington College, Stanmore


Click on links for course details. All courses are BOSTES accredited and provide 6 points for each day towards Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

NEWS Kate awarded UK accredited training status with SAPERE. Kate currently in the UK to present ‘Thinking Mathematically’ workshops in Cardiff, Cumbria and the University of Gloucester and ‘Philosophy with 5 year olds’ at The Philosophy Foundation in London.

Teaching primary school children philosophy improves English and Maths skills.  A recent major study involving 3,159 Year 3 students from 48 schools across the UK saw Maths and Reading scores improve by an average of two months. But the benefits were even more pronounced for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, whose reading skills improved four months, maths scores improved by three months and writing ability by two months.  Visit Sapere for the full report. 

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Philosophy for children provides measurable educational benefits for children. There is a growing body of evidence that it is good for them academically, socially and emotionally. 
Dr Stephen Law, Philosophy and Professor University of London, Author of The Philosophy Gym, Editor of Think, Royal Institute of Philosophy Journal.

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