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My favourite thing is to ask questions because either way you’re going to get more than one answer. Chilli Year 5

Read the feedback from the last Bostes Accredited two day Foundation course which included a mix of high school and primary school teachers.  Next two day course to be held during May and will provide teachers with sufficient training to commence practicing Philosophy in the classroom. This course provides 12 Profession Development points.   Full course details here.

Teaching primary school children philosophy improves English and Maths skills.  A recent major study involving 3,159 Year 3 students from 48 schools across the UK saw Maths and Reading scores improve by an average of two months. But the benefits were even more pronounced for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, whose reading skills improved four months, maths scores improved by three months and writing ability by two months.  Visit Sapere for the full report. 

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Philosophy for children provides measurable educational benefits for children. There is a growing body if evidence that it is good for them academically, socially and emotionally. 
Dr Stephen Law, Philosophy and Professor University of London, Author of The Philosophy Gum, Editor of Think, Royal Institute of Philosophy Journal.

Kinderphilosophy is endorsed to provide QTC Registered Professional Development courses accreditation for Proficient Teacher. For a full list of courses click here.


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