Who are we?

We, the trainers at Kinder Philosophy, are practicing teachers and nationally accredited trainers in Philosophy for Children. Apart from training and teaching, we are also out and about. Here are some of our activities over the past few months.

  • 24/4/16 Kate presented two papers at the FAPSA Conference in Wellington, New Zealand.Using P4C methodology to engage and enhance the teaching of Mathematicsand What does Philosophy look like in a Kindergarten class?
  • 12/3/16 Britta Jensen and Kate Kennedy White presented a two day BOSTES accredited Foundation course to Secondary and Primary teachers.
  • 30/3/16 Kate and Sally completed an 8 week Science Philosophy after school club at Bondi Public School.
  • 02/02/16 Sally and Kate engaged by a large multi national to produce ‘thinking mathematically’ worksheets for primary schools around Australia
  • 14/12/15  Britta presented Josephine to the world
  • 29/11/15 Sally Parker and Britta Jensen presented at the ‘Teaching for Thinking’ TeachMeet at Wyvern House Preparatory School
  • 23/11/15 Britta Jensen presented ‘Using the Community of Inquiry to enhance language learning’ at the CEO Language Teachers’ Colloquium
  • 21/11/15 Britta Jensen and colleague Ksenia Filatov presented ‘Conceptual thinking tools for the English classroom’ at the English Teachers Association Annual Conference at the University of New South Wales
  • 21/11/15 Britta Jensen and colleague Ksenia Filatov presented ‘Teaching for Thinking: Designing learning plans to promote higher order thinking’ at the English Teachers Association Annual Conference at the University of New South Wales
  • 23/08/15 Kate Kennedy White presented a one day workshop Thinking Mathematically for teachers at Gallions Public School, London
  • 23/06/15 Kate presented papers at the Plato Conference in Seattle and at the International Conference in Vancouver
  • 18/06/15 Kate Kennedy White awarded the NSW Premier’s Early Childhood Scholarship to look at best practices of Philosophy for young children and the training programs for teachers. Follow the blog of this journey.

Kate Kennedy White

Kate is as accredited Philosophy teacher trainer in Australia (FAPSA) and the United Kingdom (SAPERE), a practicing philosophy teacher and an award winning filmmaker. In 2014 she was awarded the NSW Premier’s Early Childhood Scholarship to study introducing P4C in the early childhood years (3-6). She has developed the scaffolding for a K-6 Philosophy program with a special focus on embedding Philosophy into key K-6 subject areas. Her specialised training includes a residency at the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC) at Montclair University, New Jersey and an intensive course in The Art of Questioning at the Institut of Philosophy Practice in France. 

Sally Parker

Sally Parker

Sally is a philosophy and science teacher at Moriah College and The University of Sydney and is an accredited Level 2 FAPSA Teacher Trainer in Philosophy for Children. She has taught a Philosophy of Science program for several years as part of the science enrichment curriculum at Moriah College, and a History and Philosophy of Science elective at USYD, both of which she has presented at numerous conferences. In 2010 Sally designed a NSW Stage 5 general philosophy elective course that was supported by the Board of Studies, and which she taught in its inaugural year. Sally also writes and reviews science and philosophy education material for clients such as the ABC, ACARA, ACER, ANSTO, CMRI, NRMA, Cosmos, Refraction Media (RM), and RIAus, as well as various universities around Australia. In 2013 Sally worked with Macmillan publishing where she was the main author of their inquiry based science workbooks for the new Yr7 to 10 Australian Curriculum. In 2015 she co-wrote a NSW Stage 5 STEM elective, launch the inaugural DNA Day biotechnology outreach program and was part of the RM team as finalists in the Telstra small business awards. 

Dr Britta Jensen

Britta teaches English and French at Marist College North Shore in Sydney. She is a philosopher, linguist, a nationally accredited trainer in P4C methodology in Australia, an editor for the Journal of Philosophy in Schools and an educator with experience teaching at the primary, secondary and tertiary level. Her expertise includes: philosophy of language, knowledge of language, logic, argument structure and literary criticism. Her doctorate is from the University of Oxford (2003), and she has worked in cognitive science, linguistics and education in Australia since 2006.  She is on the Executive for Philosophy in Schools NSW. 

Dr Paula Keating is a philosopher, lecturer and a FAPSA accredited specialist trainer. Her doctorate in Philosophy is from the University of New South Wales. Paula is an accredited FAPSA Philosopher Trainer.