Britta is a rare combination of someone who has a strong theoretical background and a practical approach to teaching. I found the activities she presented both rich and straight forward. She is also approachable and encouraging and generous with her time. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand! Survey from teachers after completing the 2 day course at Bondi March 2016

Kate has a vast store of knowledge and experience that not only feeds into her presentations, it also allows her to answer a wide variety of questions with authority. I love her passion and her conviction that all children can access philosophical thinking. Professional, clear and appreciated the examples from a primary school perspective. Excellent practical ideas and demonstrations. Kate’s passion for Philosophy is obvious. Survey from teachers after completing the 2 day course at Bondi March 2016

Ms Parker’s Philosophy lesson pushed me to ask questions and learn things I would never have thought of. The course gave me the opportunity to form my own opinions and question the opinions that have been forced upon me. Year 9/10 High School Science student

The Philosophy course was amazing. Ms Parker showed you new ideas that you has never thought of and then pushes you to ask questions and then answer them. The only bad thing was that we spend one lesson on each idea, when we need a few for every idea. Year 9/10 High School Science student

Britta was incredible and awe inspiring!  She is very passionate and intelligent and I felt inspired that she incorporates philosophical inquiry into her high school classrooms too. Great, supportive and approachable. It was great to have Britta’s high school experience and see where her students are headed.  Britta worked well to pull things together from both days. Survey from teachers after completing a two day course August 2015

Kate was practical and could talk and walk the experience very well. I would love to do a school visit and observe Kate in the classroom. She was really great for classroom-based work  and came with a wealth of knowledge around actually teaching philosophy to various primary age groups.  Wonderful. Very enthusiastic.  Really demonstrated what it is like to be part of a community of inquiry.  Kate is very down to earth and I could only imagine how much the children would love her and respond to her style of teaching.  Survey from teachers after completing a two day Philosophy workshop August 2016

SHE (History & Philosophy of Science) presented by Sally was a very sophisticated and different view on Science teaching. The two main methods which highly influenced me were the concept game and providing students with stimulus at the beginning of the lesson. Lina

I gained a strong appreciation of the tremendous potential SHE has to develop scientific understanding and thinking in the school environment. It is the perfect platform to challenge mis-concpetions in science and allow students to express their feelings on science issues that are relevant to them. In addition, it can help them to develop critical and creative thinking which are essential skills required of future scientists. Paul

Attending Sally’s course [SHE/philosophy], which as focused on philosophy of science has been an eye opener for me. I have learnt the value of getting students to think rather than learn about current issues. I recently attended a conference on ‘Thinking and Learning’…that drew strongly on the Harvard University initiative ‘Project Zero’…the definition of an active class that I gleaned from this presentation [project zero] was one in which there was purpose, collaboration, risk taking and personal involvement. Exactly what your course is promoting.  Helen Sydney University responses after taking an extension class

What a joy to bump into a fellow Aussie in the world of Montclair University philosophy camp, Mendham, New Jersey! One of my best experiences was brainstorming ideas with Kate ‘after hours’. Her dynamic, sensitive and get-the-job-done personality combined with her sea of knowledge and experience in P4C and beyond was truly inspiringMichelle Rocca, Victorian Assoc. for Philosophy in Schools

I joined Kate’s philosophical workshop in la Chapelle this summer. In her workshop Kate establishes in an informal and humorous way an open space in which you couldn’t help thinking of fundamental philosophical questions. Her wonderful stories, exercises, and games are as well amusing as important – you get the experience of sharing your thoughts with the other participants and the possibility to challenge your own values. Kate’s creative and open way of practicing philosofi has been a great inspiration to me. Vibeke P. Graven  Philosophical practitioner  Ph.D. Student, Aalborg University Denmark

The most effective actions all of us can take to improve ourselves is to grow our capability to think, learn and read the emotions of both ourselves and others. I am working with people who are dedicating themselves to uplifting the next generation to excel in three of these. And if this happens universally the world will become a better place to live in and we will all become happier and more productive human beings. Kate Kennedy White is dedicating herself to working with children at a time when their neuroplasticity is at maximum, to create a whole new cohort of kinder philosophers, who will journey into adulthood carrying more creative, purposeful and generous mindsets than the ones embodied in their parents. The world can only become a better place because of her work. Dr Peter Ellyard Chairman, Preferred Futures Group, Foundation 2050, Adjunct Professor, Digital Ecosystems and Business Intelligence Institute, Curtin University Business School.

The philosophical workshop I attended with Kate in France was inspiring as a playful way of opening my kind to new ways of thinking. Creativity in its essence. A contributing fact to the creative environment was, I think, Kate’s personality who as a faciliatator is both sensitive, curious as well as confident and experienced. Tulsa Jansson Philosophy at Work Sweden 

I attended a demonstration of Kate’s philosophy class for parents in Sydney and was so impressed by the level of enquiry and enthusiasm she inspired in all participants. Throughout the evening I kept wishing that Kate could duplicate herself a thousand times and share her skills with every child in Australia. What a different country we would live in if our children were all raised as thinkers. Dr Bem Le Hunte  Novelist Sydney Australia.