Foundation Course Day Two

This one day course is a follow on from the Foundation Course day one and gives teachers sufficient practical understanding of philosophical inquiry to start planning and practicing Philosophy with students.

BOSTES_QTC_logo_PNG-1Completing this course will contribute a further 6 hours of QTC Registered PD for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

What is involved in the Foundation Day Two Course?

Session One:  Review and Reflect

Reflection from the Foundation Day One workshop. What did you try? What worked and what didn’t? What do you want help with? What do you want to achieve today?

Refining the Inquiry process:  From stimulus to reflection.  Connecting to the curriculum and discussing the role of the teacher-facilitator.


Session 2:  Modelling inquiry techniques

Deepening the inquiry. Looking at the development and application of a range of concept games and further inquiry tools.

COI Master Class.  Remodelling with more teacher participation and including the explicit use of substantive and procedural questioning.


Session 3.  Workshop.  Developing your bespoke inquiry tools.

Case studies in the application of P4C within a variety of classroom environments. Embedding and scaffolding P4C into your program.


Session 4.  Where to from here

Reflection, questions and resources.