Foundation+ Focus on Literacy


Philosophical inquiry is an essential tool to develop literacy.
By using the stimulus of literature, we can respond to the curriculum demands of the importance of spoken language including questioning, listening and responding, building vocabulary and knowledge, developing of independent thinking and confidence. This course assists Literacy teachers to support their students to construct their own rich and fulfilling meaning out of texts and to have the skills to communicate this with others through explicitly teaching:
• Analysis of concepts
• Recognition of context
• Drawing inferences (reading between the lines)
• Connecting the flow of narrative
• Alternative ways of interpreting
• Judgement
• Truth
• Connecting to a personal experience

Course content includes:
Reflections post Foundation Course
What the relationship is between P4C and Literacy. Evidence for the claim that P4C improves literacy.
What are the competencies we are aiming at.
Aligning the outcomes to the Literacy curriculum.
Evaluation and Assessment.