Foundation+ Focus on Science

Foundation+ is the opportunity for teachers who have completed the two day Foundation training to focus on the application of P4C within the Science Curriculum.

The Course will be conducted by two practicing teachers who have specialised knowledge of the Science Curriculum K-12 and who are nationally accredited Teacher Trainers in Philosophy

Foundation+ Focus on Science will include:

Session1:  Review and Reflection

Share experiences from the Foundation training. Share any application during practical work. What did you try? What worked and what didn’t? What do you want help with? What do you want to get out of today?

Review the Philosophical Inquiry process and compare to Scientific process.

Session 2:  Expanding on the Tools of Inquiry

Choice of concept games in groups, play game and share experience/ideas with rest of group

  • Empirical questions vs Philosophical questions
  • Good reasons for going into space/not good reasons
  • Correlation/causation
  • Alive/not alive (with props)
  • Disease/not a disease
  • Models/theories/laws
  • Data/knowledge/Information
  • Jobs for machines/jobs not for machines
  • Good/not good applications of DNA technology

Questioning tools:

  • What is a questioning toolkit? Use a question builder and identify consecutive questioning.
  • Do mini science experiments/demos as magic tricks and invite questions
  • Use science cartoons such as energy/slave power
  •  A Master class conducting a Philosophy Science lesson.

Session 3:  Workshop producing concept activities.

  • Provide stimulus
  • Creating concept activities
  • Lesson planning