Foundation+ Thinking Mathematically

This one day course assumes a knowledge of the principles and practice of Philosophy for Children.

The focus is on Thinking Mathematically for K-6 and includes:

Session 1:  Myths about Maths

Session 2:  What do we mean by ‘thinking Mathematically’? What are the tools of thinking that can be applied to teaching Mathematics? Locating Maths in the student’s world.  Can you do Maths without knowing it?

Session 3:  What is Mathematics?  Using a COI, a conceptual exploration on what we mean by Mathematics? What can be made Mathematical? What use is Mathematics?

Session 4: Language and Maths.  What assumptions might we be making? What miseducation might we be building on? What do we mean by a ‘number’?

Session 5: Patterns and Models in Maths. Using a Community of Inquiry exploring mathematical concepts such as time, space, number, infinity and zero.

Session 6:  Logic and Reasoning.  A brief introduction to conditional reasoning, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning and the correlation between justification and drawing conclusions.